Are Fertility Drugs Secure

Infertility is defined as a disorder of the reproductive system and generally ends in an inability to produce offspring. The changing lifestyle and stress associated with it have already added high burdens in couples, who desire but are unable to accomplish and maintain the desired pregnancy.
Yet, the field of reproductive medicine has not given up and have come up with the latest fertility drugs which have wide acceptance because of various success stories that have settled infertility and fertility problems. Thanks for the simple fertility awareness methods and the fertility drugs without which the infertility problem would have never resolved.

Analyzing Fertility Data Worldwide

The global average fertility rate is just beneath 2.5 children per woman today. In the last four to five decades, the global productivity rate has halved. With the modernization of societies, the number of children per woman has decreased very substantially. If we start analyzing the overall world fertility data, it has been observed that the number of intricacies associated with infertility has increased since 1990, ending in a consistent increase in the use of strategies to improve fertility and reproductive rates.
The highest prevalence of infertility rates was seen in western countries and in these countries, a consistent proportion of the infertile women started receiving fertility treatments. This further led to the enhanced utility of fertility drugs and the use of reproductive strategies is expected to increase for a large number of women who postpone pregnancy for economic and social reasons.

The Inevitable Role Of Fertility Drugs & Its Evolution

Almost every woman who seeks treatment for infertility are managed with fertility drugs but how safe are they. the question is quite valid and needs to be answered.
However, let's also discuss the fact how the fertility drugs came into existence way back in the market in 1967 and till then it has been around four long decades. From its inception till date around 8 million babies have been born using in Vitro fertilization techniques.
Below are mentioned the specific role of fertility drugs in different complications of pregnancy

Fertility Drugs To Incite Ovulation

Fertility drugs can be taken by a woman who has occasional ovulation or doesn’t ovulate at all. This is called “ovulation induction” and the aim is to complete the ovulation of one or two eggs. The drugs generally prescribed include gonadotropins and often intrauterine insemination is done at the time of ovulation.
In a situation when ovulation is normal but a woman is not getting pregnant, a fertility drug could be useful to produce more than one egg at a time. This is called “ovarian stimulation” and clomiphene or letrozole may be used and, much less often, gonadotropins.

Fertility Drugs In IVF Treatment

Medication is forever is an eminent asset to carry out the protocol for IVF, to collect more eggs for fertilization to form embryos, to freeze eggs or be an egg donor. This process of “ovarian stimulation” intends to compose many eggs at one time and nearly always uses gonadotropins. Studies reveal that 10-15 eggs are perfect for IVF and if needed the doctor will dosage to accomplish this consequence. The level of monitoring you’ll receive is based on your individual history and diagnosis.

Standardized Dosing Regimens Of Fertility Drugs

The success rates of fertility drugs have been immense and this could be seen in as different nation across the globe. These nations have started thinking on making a standard dosing regimen for Fertility drugs.
Fertility specialists have developed standard dosing regimens, but every protocol is customized to fit an individual woman’s health and size. At the same time, there is zero to prevent doctors from using larger doses.
Currently, there is no precise way to track dosages or outcomes of fertility drugs but soon an update will be a must fact as the words are passed on to the parliaments of top nations like the United States and the United Kingdom to have a standard dosage for Fertility drugs in coming future

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