Menopause: what the family needs to know

Natural, but not silent!

Menopause may be a natural phenomenon that occurs with aging, just like greying of hair but the effects of it on her body and mind isn’t a silent process. It is a very active process that takes a toll on a woman's physical and mental wellbeing. Some woman experience very mild to mild symptoms whereas others undergo severe symptoms. Weather it is mild or severe, he support given to her by the near and dear ones makes a vast difference and helps her cope with this life changing event.

Why and what of Menopause?

The series of changes woman undergoes during menopause is because of the withdrawal of the hormone oestrogen. Oestrogen is what made a woman, woman. It helped her to nest, protect, nurture and fend for her family. When this hormone is withdrawn she experiences a series of changes within, and she herself might not be aware of the reason.

Cues you should look out for

If you hear your woman saying she is tired, groans often, is irritable and her mood changes with a drop of a hat , finds difficulty in sleeping, suffers from hot flushes and is over forty then most probably she is in the perimenopause stage, her body has started to prepare for the next stage of life.

What can you do?

And this is where as a family member you need to step up and let her know that it’s ok for her to feel the way she does. Empathies with her, give her the rest she needs. Help her choose an active lifestyle, healthy diet which is rich is rich in calcium fruits and vegetables. This will help her ease out the irritability and mood swings

Also meditation, luxurious long bath time and a cool room can help her with hot flushes and sleeping troubles. As a family member it is important for you to know these needs of her and allow her time to unwind to make her physically and mentally fit and active

Talking out her troubles eases most women out and having a willing ear that listens to her rant can lift her spirits up instantly. So, all you have to do for your woman to pull out of this change is to look out and be available for her. Help her choose an active healthy life style and also make more space for her to spend time with her social circle.

Some women struggle more and if you find your woman finding it difficult to cope fix her an appointment with her healthcare provider, as there are many treatment options available to make her feel better.

Postmenopausal care

Post menopause woman needs to take care of health even more as the heart and bone protective benefits of oestrogen is lost .She will be more prone to osteoporosis, heart problems and breast cancer. Hence a yearly visit to health care provider is mandatory along with a calcium rich diet.

A proper care during the transition will give a liberating experience to your woman and she will be back to being your sunshine quickly. So, be ready to hold your woman when she reaches the stage of menopause

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